The Secret to Being Rich

In April of 2014, we released a video (with lyrics) for the title song from “The Secret to Being Rich”, our financial education album for kids.

Thank My Piggy Bank

In April of 2013, we released our first song and video from “The Secret to Being Rich”, our financial education album for kids.

Tired of Your Big Bank? Take These Steps to Switch to a Credit Union (& Sing-along)!

In advance of Bank Transfer Day on November 5th, 2011, we released a short music video highlighting how consumers can switch from a big bank to a local credit union.

Building a Better World

Music video and song created for International Credit Union Day 2011, which includes clips featuring people from more than 40 credit unions and supporting organizations.

98 Problems (But a Bank Ain’t One)

The first official music video from our album, “(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures.” It highlights the differences between banks and credit unions via flashback.

Movin’ On With My Money

As seen in the Young and Free “Lookin’ Like a Fool With Your Money a Bank” Music Video Contest. A new version of this song has been recorded and is on our album, “(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures.”

Don’t Change Interchange

We created this video in response to an amendment regarding interchange fees paid by merchants for accepting debit cards, which brings unintended consequences for credit union members and every consumer with a debit card. We wanted to help get the word out (in our own way).

(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures – LIVE

The first track off our debut album “(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures” performed live at our record release party at Brocach Irish Pub in Madison, Wisconsin on 3/9/11.

The Disclosures get “Buzzed into Madison”

In May of 2011, we were profiled by Emmy Fink for a morning television show on Madison’s CW.

Training Montage

Here’s an exclusive look into some of the preparation we put into making our first album.

Covers and other tunes

Check out The Disclosures’ YouTube channel for other songs we’ve performed

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