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Album Cover Released for The Disclosures’ First Album

(Hey, We're) The Disclosures - Album Cover

Yes, that’s The Disclosures walking down State Street in Madison during sunset on a gorgeous fall day. Thanks to Dustin Stone Photography for taking the cover picture and all the pictures used in the artwork for our forthcoming album, “(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures.”

We are so close to letting you hear our new music. Over this past weekend, we finished recording the last song. The album art is designed and ready. All that is left is to give it a good once over and mix/master it for distribution. We can’t wait to share it with you.


The Disclosures to Play Milwaukee Chapter Meeting 1/20

As you may have noticed The Disclosures have been hunkering down focusing 100% on our first album. We haven’t played live since September! Instead, we have been writing and recording the first “thrift-rock” album in history, which we want to be as amazing as it sounds in our heads.

However, when something comes up so close to home and it’s a group we love…then we are there.

So come see us play a few songs next Thursday night, including a live performance of our single “The Ballad of Friedrich Raiffeisen!”

Thursday, January 20, 2011 | Milwaukee Chapter Meeting
8 PM | Best Western Midway Hotel
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