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Gearing up for the WI CU League Annual Convention

We just happened to have camcorders running when Chris dropped by The Wisconsin CU League office…



May 4-7 in Wisconsin Dells.  You should come hang out with us! For more info on the Annual Convention, visit


Music Duo Releases Free Song for National Credit Union Youth Week

To celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week (April 17-23), The Disclosures – the Madison-based, credit union music duo – have released a new song called “Save!”, which encourages thrift and savings among young credit union members.

The song is free for credit unions to distribute and share with their members. The song and lyrics are available here:



Download the mp3:

UPDATE: Download the song off of our album “The Secret to Being Rich” here


Save! – Lyrics (PDF)

“When we heard that the theme for this year’s youth week was ‘Money Rocks at My Credit Union,’ it seemed like a natural fit for us to do something special,” said Disclosure band member Christopher Morris.

The message behind “Save!” is intended for a younger audience and takes a different approach from other tracks found on The Disclosures’ recently released album, “(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures”, which focus on themes such as credit union history and philosophy.

“We wanted to have some fun with the lyrics, especially the tongue-in-cheek chorus,” said Disclosure member Chad Helminak. “The fun part about savings isn’t putting your money away, but rather envisioning what your saving for and then reaching your goals.”

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The Disclosures Record Release Party – Live Video Posted

Missed our record release party last month? We just posted a live performance of the first track off our debut album “(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures” from our record release party at Brocach Irish Pub in Madison, Wisconsin on 3/9/11.

It was a great night and we were so glad so many of our friends and fans came out to support us.

Some notes on the video – Christopher’s daughter Caroline kicked off the night by introducing us and also, unbeknownst to the band during the performance, the Wisconsin GOP was slyly passing the controversial collective bargaining bill in the state Capitol (seen behind the band in the video). Hence all the flashing lights and crowds.

The Disclosures Profiled in Madison Alt-Weekly Isthmus

Last week, we got a nice email from an Isthmus writer wanting to interview us after seeing our record release announcement. We talked over coffee last weekend with the writer, Rich Albertoni, about the awesomeness of credit unions, music, our album and background. We couldn’t wait to see the story in print….

And yesterday, we did! We both opened up to page 18 and saw what you see above. Almost a full page about The Disclosures and credit unions.We both kind of freaked out a little.

> Click here to read the Isthmus article online

Mr. Albertoni did a great job. And we are so happy that local folks here in Madison will get a little exposure to credit unions in the music section of their favorite alt-weekly for the next week. If you are one of those people and want to learn more about credit unions, visit for more information. Then join a credit union already!

We’ve got a lot of nice attention in the credit union press recently, which is great, but being able to be out in front of non-credit union people is a dream. That’s why we do this – to spread the word about credit unions and educate folks about how amazing they are in a new way.