Where can I find more information about credit unions?
Visit www.aSmarterChoice.org to find out more about these not-for-profit cooperative financial institutions called credit unions.

Can my organization use The Disclosures’ songs as on-hold music?
Yes, of course! We recorded the songs to spread the word about credit unions and that’s a great way to do so. If possible, we prefer you give us a shout out before or after the song – something like “While you hold, please enjoy “Movin’ On With My Money” by The Disclosures. For more information, visit thedisclosuresmusic.com.”

Can my organization use a Disclosures song in our commercial or radio ad?
Cool idea! We only ask for a small fee depending on market and how long the commercial/ad runs. Contact us for more information.

Can The Disclosures write a jingle or song for my credit union?
It is entirely possible and sounds like fun! Contact us and I’m sure we can work something out.

What other ways can we use The Disclosures music?
Aside from listening to and enjoying it on its own, credit union organizations have used our music for awesome things such as:

  • New employee orientation (for example, CUNA Mutual gives new employees their own copy of our album)
  • On-hold music
  • Lobby music
  • Member promotions
  • Gifts for staff at a credit union
  • Event music (ie: annual meetings, staff events, etc)

Where can I find information on getting The Disclosures to play at our event?
No problem. Click here for booking information.

Are you guys brothers?
No, but we get that a lot. We’re from a different mother, but some would say we are brothers by trade since we work in the same industry.

Still have questions?
Contact us.


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