“The Secret to Being Rich” Album

The Disclosures are proud to present “The Secret to Being Rich,” a one-of-a-kind album for kids (ages 10 and under) which incorporates concepts such as saving, responsible spending, the importance of charity, dangers of “too good to be true” advertising and even the basics of how loans work. The album’s overall theme ties into its tongue-in-cheek title, which is meant to convey to kids that being ‘rich’ takes hard work and discipline, and that you can also be wealthy in friends, family and other things in life that can matter much more than the money in your wallet. More info on the album is here.

PrintHow to get your very own album:

Digital Version

  • The Secret of Being Rich- The Disclosures
  • CDBaby
  • Check your favorite online music store – chances are we’re there!

Physical CD Version

Bulk Orders

  • Click here for an order form to get discounts of 10-40% off when you order 25+ copies
  • Great for financial institutions, schools, youth organizations and others

Parents & teachers: Click here for discussion materials & lyrics for “The Secret to Being Rich”


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