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DSC_9857Whether you’re hosting an event for kids or credit union professionals, The Disclosures can blend message and music to make sure it’s a memorable one! Click here to see a list of past shows & testimonials.

Kids: Educational concerts and presentations


The Disclosures have played to more than 1,000 kids through assemblies, classroom presentations, outdoor concerts, and more, combining personal finance lessons with humor and songs about savings and responsible spending. Playing songs such as “Thank My Piggy Bank” and other tunes from their album “The Secret to Being Rich”, kids will be laughing and singing along while learning how to meet their future savings goals and make their dreams come true.

Email us to discuss and book The Disclosures for your next kids event. Note: ages 10 and under is the ideal audience.

Credit union audiences: Education + entertainment

Looking for something different to liven up your next credit union conference or meeting? The Disclosures can help! Here are a few ideas for speaking sessions and entertainment options – feel free to give us a shout with any questions or other ideas.

FEATURED Speaking session: “Credit Unions Rock! Getting in Tune with our Roots and Philosophy”
Revisit your credit union roots as The Disclosures provide a musically-driven overview of the origin of credit unions, their expansion across America and the cooperative principles they were founded on. It’s like a credit union version of “VH1 Storytellers”. As Christopher and Chad discuss, these topics are more relevant than ever to credit union staff, boards and members alike.

Speaking session: “Add More Cowbell to Your Culture”
As credit unions look to attract new and future members, it’s essential that they align their culture and messaging to be relatable and effective. In this musical session, The Disclosures will explore how to increase workplace creativity + engagement and evolve communications to build awareness and excitement for what your credit union can offer!

league_2012Event Emcee
The Disclosures blend music and humor into what is one of the most unique emcee and event entertainment the credit union industry will ever see! Using custom-themed songs and humor, Christopher and Chad are able to introduce keynotes and keep audiences energized throughout events.

Music entertainment, theme songs and…
The Disclosures also play popular cover songs and can provide straightaway music entertainment for events. Overall, we pride themselves on being versatile and enjoy challenges. Do you have a song idea? Your own creative use for The Disclosures? Give us a shout and we’ll do their best to make it work.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing varies on performance type, duration and location. Please email The Disclosures for pricing and availability at:

Since we do this outside of our normal jobs and our performance calendars are filling up quickly, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can rock for you!

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