The Disclosures Release Music Video that Highlights the Difference Between Credit Unions & Banks


“98 Problems (But a Bank Ain’t One)” music video made available for credit unions to use in online communications

The credit union industry’s very own “thrift rock” duo, The Disclosures, just released their first official music video on YouTube – a flashback style video for their song “98 Problems (But a Bank Ain’t One)” from their debut album, (Hey, We’re) The Disclosures.

The 98 Problems video stars “younger versions” of band members Christopher Morris and Chad Helminak as they discuss the differences between banks and credit unions.

“It’s our hope that credit unions find this content useful on their member websites and social networks to help better educate their members on credit union philosophy,” said Disclosure band member Morris. “We had a fun time recording the song and even more fun recording the video.”

> View the lyrics for “98 Problems”

“This song felt deserving of a video, as it’s become one of the most popular songs to perform during our breakout sessions,” noted Helminak. “Fortunately, our shameless application of phrases from rap songs has not yet earned us any ‘cease and desist’ letters from the music industry.”

The song and album are currently available for download on major digital music stores such as iTunes, and others. Physical copies of the CD are available online through the The Disclosures’ website, as well as speaker and live performance information.

Click here for more information about The Disclosures.


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