The Disclosures Release “I Want, I Need” Lyric Video

The Disclosures – the Madison-based “musicians with a mission” – have released a new “lyric” video for “I Want, I Need”, which is from their recently released financial education album for kids.

> Click here for “I Want, I Need” Video

In the song “I Want, I Need”, The Disclosures discuss the difference between wants and needs to help kids manage their money better. Once kids learn the difference, it’s a great foundation for budgeting, saving, spending, etc. In fact, because the concepts on The Disclosures’ new kids album build on themselves,  it’s one of the first songs on the album.

In addition to this new video for kids, The Disclosures also recently released a video for “The Secret to Being Rich” and their popular “Thank My Piggy Bank” video was released in 2013. As with all of their songs and videos, The Disclosures hope that parents and teachers use these materials to spark conversations with kids about these very important topics

“The Secret to Being Rich” album is available for download on all major digital music stores such as iTunes, Amazon and many others. Physical CDs also can be purchased at, and The Disclosures also offer discounted bulk CD orders for financial institutions, schools or youth organizations. All ordering information and additional resources can be found on

Click here for more information about The Disclosures.

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