You, Too, Can Be a (International Credit Union) Rock Star!

UPDATE: The deadline for submissions have passed. Thanks to all those who sent us video footage!

International Credit Union Day is right around the corner (October 20, 2011) with a theme this year of “Credit Unions Build a Better World” and The Disclosures have a unique way for you to get involved!

To help celebrate, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has asked us to put together a special song for this year’s event. The song is called “Building a Better World” and we’ve recorded a bare bones version of the song. We still need to put the finishing touches on it, but we need your help.

Here’s where you come in: We want you to star in the video! Since credit unions are building a better world – why not feature credit union people worldwide singing about it, right?

We’d love to have you record a video of yourself (or part of your staff) singing along to the song (especially during the “na-na-na” part during the chorus). Once we receive your video, we’ll edit it together with other submissions to create the music video, which will then get posted to YouTube for credit unions around the word to share with their members. The quality doesn’t have to be perfect – use your phone, your laptop camera, whatever you can find. We’ll make it work.

Also, not only will you star in the video, but one lucky video submitter will be randomly chosen to receive an autographed copy of our debut album “(Hey) We’re The Disclosures”!

Interested? Contact for the latest version of the song and lyrics. Video snippets will need to be submitted by Wednesday, September 21 and we can provide directions on sending video files.

Thanks and we look forward to rocking with you!


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