New Song & Video Celebrates International Credit Union Day and the Cooperative Nature of Credit Unions

Music video includes clips from more than 40 credit unions and supporting organizations

The credit union music duo, The Disclosures, have released a free song and music video for International Credit Union Day (October 20, 2011) called “Building a Better World”, which pays homage to this year’s celebration theme. The band encourages credit unions to use the song and video to raise awareness of the positive impact credit unions continue to make around the world.

Download the song (mp3):

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> Building a Better World – Lyrics (PDF)

“Our music has always focused on finding new ways to package the credit union message,” said Disclosures band member Chad Helminak. “With ‘Building a Better World’, we decided to take it one step further and invite credit union folks to have some fun and help demonstrate our cooperative nature.”

The Disclosures put out a casting call to credit unions to provide video clips, which would eventually become the entirety of the music video. In addition to the submissions, the band also filmed credit union people singing a few of the segments. More than 40 credit unions and supporting organizations make cameos in the video, which include credit union staff lip-synching lyrics, performing air-guitar with hockey sticks and even dancing with mascots.

“We’re truly amazed at the response and support we received for this project so far and we’re truly thankful for credit unions’ participation,” said Disclosure member Christopher Morris. “Credit unions’ personability usually shines through their member and community service, but now you can see it also holds true for music videos.”

Credit unions are encouraged to distribute and share the video on their websites and in other online communications.

As part of the video collection process, the Disclosures also randomly selected a video submission to receive a signed copy of their CD “(Hey, We’re) The Dislcosures”. The winner was Doug MacMillian from State Employees Credit Union in N.C.

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