Thrift-Rock Resources for Bank Transfer Day

With thousands of consumers pledging to move their money from big banks to local credit unions on or before Bank Transfer Day (November 5th), we wanted to highlight a couple of our music videos that credit unions can use to promote the credit union difference.

Bank Transfer Day has been highlighted in numerous national media outlets and continues to grow amidst widespread dissatisfaction with high bank fees. Bank customers who have become disillusioned by practices like these are now looking to local cooperative credit unions, who typically charge fewer and lower fees and provide other services that represent their structurally-driven commitment to people, not profit.

We have a few YouTube videos that share themes with Bank Transfer Day:

We encourage you to use the videos on your websites and/or corresponding social media channels to highlight the philosophy of credit unions in the run-up to Bank Transfer Day (and anytime really). In addition, we invite credit unions to use any of the songs on our album, “(Hey We’re) The Disclosures, ” as part of their on-hold message, lobbies, etc to help communicate the credit union difference in a fun, musical way.

Hope you find these resources useful and Happy Bank Transfer Day!


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