New Music Video on How to Switch from a Big Bank to a Credit Union

In advance of Bank Transfer Day on November 5th, the credit union music duo The Disclosures have released a short music video highlighting how consumers can switch from a big bank to a local credit union. Credit unions are encouraged to use the video on their website and social media channels as part of their member outreach efforts.

The viral Bank Transfer Day continues to grow amidst widespread dissatisfaction with high bank fees. Bank customers who have become disillusioned by practices like these are now looking to local cooperative credit unions, who typically charge fewer and lower fees and provide other services that represent their structurally-driven commitment to people, not profit.

“The idea of moving your money to a credit union is a hot topic now because of Bank Transfer Day, but we hope credit unions will find value in sharing our video long after November 5th,” said Disclosures band member Chad Helminak.

The song gives a quick overview of the steps needed to move funds from a bank to a credit union and is a slight departure from The Disclosures’ recent video efforts around their original songs. Instead, they re-worked Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” in a fashion similar to their call-to-action video, “Don’t Change Interchange”, which parodies George Michael’s “Faith”.

“Sometimes it helps to get an important message across if you take something people know and turn it on its head,” said Disclosure Christopher Morris. “And like everything we do, we don’t take ourselves too seriously to help make it entertaining.”


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