Give the Gift of Thrift Rock This Holiday Season!

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season?

We’ve got you covered. Our debut album, “(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures,” makes a great stocking stuffer, or alternatively:

  • Gift for colleague or boss.
  • Gift for your staff (or members? vendors?).
  • Gift exchange or office party gift.
  • Gift for your friends who work at a bank.
  • Decorative coaster for your warm mug of hot cocoa.

We think they’ll like it. But don’t take our word for it…. As Madison’s Isthmus said, “Each track sheds a different light on the history and philosophy of financial cooperatives… backed by the duo’s brisk and lively acoustic guitar interplay.” Or as the Credit Union Times put it simply – “The Disclosures rock the credit union difference.”

Where can you buy the album? The album can be purchased digitally online of course through, iTunes, etc but for gift purchases, you’ll probably want to get the actual, physical copy through CDbaby here. And as a bonus, if you buy more than one, you get 10% off!

Happy holidays and THANK YOU!!!

PS –  If you live in Madison, let us know and you can buy the CD from us directly. Also, if you want to buy a large quantity of CDs for your organization, let us know and we can most likely provide an even bigger discount on discs.


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