Just Released: Energize your Employees with a Special ICU Day Video from The Disclosures

The credit union industry’s only education-focused rock band, The Disclosures, has released a fun and informative video for credit union employees to celebrate International Credit Union (ICU) Day.

> Click here to watch the video.

The video is intended to educate credit union organization staff about ICU Day and how important it is to celebrate and share our credit union roots and mission. It features:

  • Details about ICU Day and stories from credit union history;
  • Important activities taking place on ICU Day;
  • Last-minute ideas to celebrate in your communities;
  • Takeaways around storytelling, values and history;
  • And, of course, a few credit union-inspired songs by The Disclosures.

The video’s content borrows heavily from The Disclosures’ highly-rated breakout session that has been presented at industry events around the country. The video is free for all credit union organizations to use as they see fit.

“Given the ICU Day theme of ‘people helping people’ this year, we wanted to give something back to the industry that has given us so much,” said band member Christopher Morris. “Our presentation style is loose and light-hearted, and we prefer guitars to a slide deck, so we hope credit unions find value and joy in sharing our message with staff.”

“One of the goals of ICU Day is to raise awareness about the great work credit unions are doing to improve people’s financial well-being,” said band member Chad Helminak. “We hope credit unions everywhere find some inspiration and ideas in our video to spread the credit union message on ICU Day and beyond.“

The video’s estimated run time is 30 minutes and was recorded on the World Credit Union Center Campus in Madison, Wis. The Disclosures would like to thank CUNA Mutual Group for providing production support.

About the Band:
Christopher Morris and Chad Helminak are “musicians with a mission” based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Outside of their day jobs, they moonlight as music-based educators “The Disclosures” and write songs and perform presentations about the importance of financial literacy and social responsibility. After releasing their first album of original credit union songs in 2011, Christopher Morris and Chad Helminak presented highly-rated education sessions and music performances across the nation.

Their latest album, “The Secret to Being Rich”, is focused on youth financial literacy, using music and humor to introduce lessons about money, savings, responsible spending, and more. For more information about The Disclosures, click here.


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