Have you Picked Up our Kids Album Yet?


There is a very real need for children to be introduced to financial education at an early age. Last year, the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) tested teens on areas covered within national financial literacy standards. The results were shocking; while only 4.7% of participants got an A on the test, 62.4% got a D or an F.

Music and education have been effectively used to teach children about important topics such as reading and math, but not around the basics of financial literacy (until now!). Our latest album, “The Secret to Being Rich,” incorporates concepts such as saving, responsible spending, the importance of charity, the dangers of “too good to be true” advertising and even the basics of how loans work for children ten and under.

It’s fun. It’s educational and the songs will stick with you (and your child)!

> Get a digital or physical copy of the album here


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